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E-LOSTBAG Premium is a connected tag for luggage

Includes insurance in case of delay or loss of your luggage*

Free unlimited tracking without subscription.

NFC / RFID contactless technology - Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0

Unlimited access to the monitoring platform

Android and iOS compatible

Battery includ easily replacable

Unlimited email notificationsIdentifiable by all airlines

*to benefit from this offer use of our LPN service (License Plate Number) is compulsory

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E-LOSTBAG Premium is a tracker for luggage.

It embeds RFID / NFC / Bluetooth and NoL (Network Of Luggage) technology.

It allows you to make your luggage identifiable to all airlines with our unique partnerships with Lost & Found services (services with the management of lost luggage in places of transport).

E-LOSTBAG Premium is placed inside your luggage to avoid any external alteration during the delivery and connects with your smartphone for easy and efficient use.

If lost, you can declare your luggage on the NoL network and view its GPS location. E-LOSTBAG Premium notifies you when it arrives on the baggage carousel and alerts you when it is no longer with you to prevent theft, forgetfulness, etc ..

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E-LOSTBAG logistics for luggage

Example of a baggage tracking logistics service

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