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E-LOSTBAG Standard


E-LOSTBAG Standard is a connected tag for luggage

Includes insurance in case of delay or loss of your luggage *

Unlimited free tracking without subscription.

NFC / RFID contactless technology

Unlimited access to the tracking platform

Compatible with Android and iOS

Unlimited email notifications

Identifiable by all airlines

* to benefit from this offer use of our LPN service (License Plate Number) is compulsory

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The tag for luggages E-LOSTBAG® allows passengers to identify their luggage efficiently with all stakeholders in the transportion and travel sectors.

Based on RFID technology and on a secure Web platform, the luggage tag E-LOSTBAG® is identifiable by all transport companies in the world.

The luggage tag E-LOSTBAG® sticks to the inside of the bag which gives it the advantage of not being subject to external elements that could damage it.

We are the world leaders of luggage identification.

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E-LOSTBAG logistics for luggage

Example of a baggage tracking logistics service

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